Terms & Conditions

Confirming your booking: A non-refundable booking deposit is payable in advance to secure the services of CJ Beauty & Co.  Deposits are £200 for weddings; £200 for The Glitter Bar; £50 for Special Occasion Hair/Makeup, £50 for Makeup Lessons and 50% of the balance for all other training courses.  Completing a booking form is your commitment to your booking, therefore please send deposit at the same time to help our admin!

Once your booking form and deposit has been received, we will set you up on our system and send you a receipt for your deposit.  You will also be sent a copy of these terms and conditions that you would have agreed to at the point of booking, along with our Guidelines document to help you prepare for your trials with us.  We ask that you read through these documents in full and let us know if anything is unclear to you.

You will also be sent a copy of your booking form which is our mutual contract.  If for any reason you do not receive these documents after you have booked with us, we ask you kindly to check your junk folder.  Please contact us should you not receive these documents for whatever reason.

For Weddings, our contract is with the bride – but of course we are happy to work with anyone else the bride delegates to manage her plans, however pour contract remains with the bride. Please understand that invoices cannot be split out for individual members of your bridal party. The details on your booking form form our mutual contract including the event itself, numbers requiring hair and/or makeup, the location and your timings. Any cancellation of numbers or services from your booking will be fully chargeable in line with our cancellation policy, therefore, please ensure that the details on the booking form especially the number of people requiring hair and makeup are correct at the point of booking.   We can not guarantee we will be able to add additional people to your booking, but we will do our best of course!

For special occasion hair and makeup from our studio the booking is for the person who books, and is not transferrable to another name.  Cancellation of your booking is in line with our normal cancellation process.

Our Team:  Our team are dedicated to making your experience with us as perfect as possible:  We are committed to your day from the point of booking, and we are working in the background planning for your day.  Please treat all of our team members with respect and courtesy.   Bullying, abuse or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

Summary of Packages: Please specify on your booking form which level you would like to book.  In exceptional circumstances we may need to place a different team member who may be in the same or different team, to avoid the need to cancel your booking. In such a situation you may need to debrief the artist again of your precise requirements for your hair and makeup and your costs my differ from that initially quoted.  In such a circumstance, you have the right to refuse and cancel your booking, and our normal terms and conditions apply.

We will confirm our start and finish times and will leave when we have finished your hair / makeups to enjoy your day!  If you would like any additional services for your special day you can add any of the following:

Our Touch-up Service:  We stay with you right up to the ceremony for any touchups that may be required for you and your bridal party.  This is a great option if you will be eating and drinking throughout the morning and if tears are likely!

Dress Fitting Service:  If you would like help getting into your dress and veil fitting at the very end, you should add this service to your booking.

Our After Ceremony Service:  We stay on until after the Ceremony for just the bride for any touch-ups you may require.

We are there for you straight after your ceremony before you go for your pictures (usually up to 15 minutes after your ceremony) and then we silently slope off to leave you to enjoy the rest of your perfect day!   This is a great little add-on service if you are an emotional bride – giving you extra peace of mind!

Our Evening Turnaround Service:  We come back to your venue in the evening for any changes to the Bride’s hair and makeup.  Please understand that the Evening Service is for an agreed time slot, and should you not be available at the specified time this may impact our time available for you.  Should you arrive with us more than 1 hour late, your service will be cancelled but will be charged.

Trials: We recommend that you have your trial 1-2 months before your wedding date. Trials are up to 90 minutes for hair and up to 90 minutes for makeup.   You can add additional time in advance if you want a longer trial.  Trial top-ups are charged at £25 per additional 30 minutes.  Please understand that the closer to your wedding date you have your trial, the fresher the details of your chosen look will be in our minds.   We strongly recommend that all members of your bridal party have trials beforehand so that we can work through their requirements in more detail – please understand that time on the day may not allow for changes to the look created.  By not having a trial you agree to accept the look created for you based on your brief. There will not be time on the day to try different looks.

Your trial is your opportunity to work with us to choose your perfect style for your wedding day. You should tell us if you want to change anything during the trial process and this will be adjusted for you.  You may also have the opportunity to change to another stylist if you are not happy with the stylist (please be aware of any price difference that may apply if you upgrade to a higher level package).  You should raise any issues with CJ directly.  Any cancellations at this stage will fall inline with our normal cancellation policy.

Should you change your mind about your hairstyle or makeup look closer to the date you will need to have another trial. Trial top-ups are charged at £25 per 30 minutes or normal trial rate, whichever is the lesser amount.

Should you need to move your trial, a £30 admin fee applies.   Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice if you do need to rearrange your trial:  Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at 50% and no-shows will be charged at full rate.

Timings for the day:  Our finish time will be agreed at your trial. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to make any adjustments to timings after this has been agreed with us. We will notify you of our start and finish times and we will plan the timings with you within these times.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have allowed enough time for breakfast, photographs, getting into your dresses. If your other wedding suppliers have any specific requirements, please ensure this is communicated to us at the trial in order that we can accommodate these into our timings for your day. We may be able to add an additional team member to support a later start time or an earlier finish time and this is charged at £75 per additional artist + travel.  The number of artists can only be specified at or after the trial when we know what the specific requirements are – you are not able to specify this at the point of booking.

Communication: To help us offer the best level of service and communication to all of our customers, please can we politely ask that you help us by responding to our emails / calls in a timely manner.

Cancellations & Postponements: In the event of a cancellation of a booking or a part cancellation of a booking (cancellation of individual members or any additional services) by yourselves any payments previously made are non-refundable and the following charges apply:

  • From the point of booking = Booking Deposit
  • Between 120 – 60 days = Booking Deposit + 50% of booking
  • Less than 60 days = Booking Deposit + 100% of booking

Please note that the details on your booking form form our mutual contract including numbers, location, time and other details of the event itself. This is not automatically transferrable to another event, time or location and our normal cancellation policy applies.  We highly recommend that you take out full wedding insurance to cover all eventualities.

Expenses: CJ Beauty & Co cover Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, South Buckinghamshire, London and Oxfordshire. Travel expenses are charged at 65p per mile per team member.  Any additional expenses such as public transport costs, accommodation, parking and tolls will be invoiced to the client after the wedding date.  Please understand that sometimes we may need to make an immediate decision in order to get to you on time that may incur such charges and not have the opportunity to discuss with you first. We ask that you communicate any likely expenses (car parking fees, tolls etc) to us in advance so that we can all be prepared.

Any additional services taken on the day will be invoiced to you after the wedding/special event and payment is due within 5 days.  Please ensure that your bridal party are aware of this so they are prepared and so you have no surprise fees after your wedding date. Payments after an event are based on trust but failure to pay will result in formal debt collection with associated charges.

Payments:  A non-refundable deposit is payable to secure your date with us.   The remaining balance is split into 2 different payments:  the first at your trial and the remaining balance after your trial date, in advance of your wedding date (usually 4 weeks after the trial date)

Please note that late payments will incur a 10% late payment charge per month and failure to pay will mean cancellation of your date with fees due in line with our cancellation policy.

Hair Accessories: We carry lots of hair accessories in stock that are available to you as samples to try out during your hair trial. These hair accessories are made to order (lead time is around 6 weeks). We are also able to make some changes to the original design of hair accessory if you wish. We also have hair accessories available to hire for your convenience and to support your budget.  All hair accessories MUST be returned within 5 days of your wedding day and must be returned back to us in the same condition. Late return, damage or loss will be fully chargeable.

Parental Consent: CJ Beauty & Co requires parental consent for any treatment being carried out on a person under the age of 18, and a parent must accompany all minors.

Photographs: All photographs taken by CJ Beauty & Co are Copyright to CJ Beauty Services Limited and we take them with the intention of sharing them with you after your big event and on our social media. We do not share any pictures of your trial with us until after your wedding date. If you do not want your pictures to be shared, please advise us at your trial.

Complaints after your wedding date: All of our customers are asked if they are happy with the hair and makeup, and it is your responsibility to speak up and ask for any changes at your appointment / on the wedding day. We strongly recommend all members of your bridal party have trials beforehand so we can work through their requirements in more detail – please understand that time on the day may not allow for changes to the look created.  By not having a trial you agree to accept the look created for you.   If you have any issues with your makeup artists conduct, you should contact CJ in the first instance.